A Character Profile of Jay Gatsby – The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Warning: Long, wordy post ahead. Why, you ask? Because it is time for the Creative Corner!!!

For those who don’t already know, the Creative Corner is where I post a lot of my ready-made pieces of writing from school which are posted onto this blog for everyone to see. I have posted some pieces of writing already which I have made as practice for my IGCSE English as a First Language subject. Now, since I am studying in the International Baccalaureate system, I am taking English A: Language and Literature subject. Throughout the study of this course, I have been tasked with writing many different essays and other forms of writing as part of my class and homework.

Last school term, my class studied The Great Gatsby as part of the Literature component of the course. A novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the book is renowned for its faithful portrayal of the lifestyle of the upper-class American society during the 1920s. I don’t want to bore you with the details of the plot, you could read the book yourself to find out.

I was tasked with creating a characted profile of Gatsby based around the accounts from different characters in the first three chapters of the book. There was a lot of intended vagueness, mystery and contradiction around his character which was deliberately done to reveal the plot in the story. Without further rambling, let us begin the analysis. Continue reading “A Character Profile of Jay Gatsby – The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald”

“Perhaps weekly posts aren’t enough… Hmm…”

I promised myself before to publish a new post each weekend so that I could be a consistent blogger worthy of global attention. For most part I kept to this promise and posted something on Friday or Saturday, the weekend days here in Egypt. However today, I realised that many successful bloggers here publish on an almost daily basis – ranging from a post a day to even a post every several hours.

I follow quite a few blogs here but each time I look into my news feed, I’d have 6 to 14 new posts each day calling out to me. I make the effort to look into what new stuff are in store – maybe an uplifting inspirational story or a travel journal to a far-away land. The thing is though, I often see the same names popping up in my reader feed and they are the most prolific – posting about 2 to 7 posts a day. With the amount they post each day, it would be impossible for me to catch up with every single post.

As a loyal follower, I hope I am not expected to read everything. But what if I am in the place of that blogger – the one who has around hundreds of followers on WordPress and beyond, whose readers expect a regular serving of fresh written entertainment? What if I had that pressure on me to keep going and to produce quality pieces all the time? Continue reading ““Perhaps weekly posts aren’t enough… Hmm…””

Malay Language in Cyrillic Script (Абжад Сирил Мәлаю) – Part 1 – Introduction


Сәламат датаҥ дан салам сәжаҳтәра!

Have you ever though about creating a new way to write a language? People have been using various forms of writing to convey messages in many different languages. In the modern days of globalisation, the world have converged into one huge interconnected village where we can learn about other people’s cultures at a touch of a button. Language is one of the those things you can learn, and I really love learning them. Through this experience, I have adapted a seemingly alien writing system to my mother tongue, Malay.
It is time for me to unveil to the world the Malay Cyrillic Alphabet. It is a writing system which is derived from the Russian Cyrillic script containing unique letters to fit the different sounds that are absent in Russian. The way it is used is explained below.
The script is called the Malay Cyrillic Alphabet in English and Малайский кириллице in Russian.
In Malay I have named it (in Rumi) Abjad Cyril Melayu / (in Jawi) ابجد سيريل ملايو / (in Cyrillic) Абжад Сирил Мәлаю.

Continue reading “Malay Language in Cyrillic Script (Абжад Сирил Мәлаю) – Part 1 – Introduction”