Kamalovia – A Poem

Author’s foreword:

This poem was one of my first ones I wrote ever since I started writing, but I hesitated often to put it up due to its subject matter and sentimental value for me. Nevertheless, I will share it now with everyone and I’d love to know what your interpretation of it is!


By A. A. Kamalov

Down with the Tsar, down with the Tsar!

Inside voices, heard afar.

I must tell none.

Silence is the best policy

To maintain peace and harmony.

Obedient citizen, I feigned loyalty,

For I would cease to exist;

Your wrath, iron fist

Of tortures, oh carrot and stick!

The blatant lies, it makes me sick.

Drunk with power, hung-over, disconnected from

Your subjects; you decreed that

Your word is law.

A kingdom? A dictatorship?

It matters not to His Lordship.

Divine right to rule – the ungodly hypocrite;

Joseph Stalin would be proud!

Cast out the soul,

Memories, owned by the state.

Lifelong servitude, my fate.

A serf, a kulak, prisoner in the gulag;

You think lowly of me. Why?

I cry and cry.

Vodka in hand, poison sweet,

Sharp quills pierce my wrist to bleed.

These quills are rifles, they’re Kalashnikov-made –

Look at my scars: bullet-holes,

Black ugly moles.

Loved you once, but you killed me.

Firing squad, my liberty.

Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 4 – Limericks, Enjambment, Imperfect

Turn on the TV and flick to a news channel – do you see what I see?

A truly imprefect world we live in, a sea of silliness and tragedies.

I composed for thee, a selection of playful limericks;

Childish rhymes mask painful realities with joy and levity.

Enjambment employed not as generously as previously, nontheless

I welcome thee to my weird and wonderful political poetry! Continue reading “Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 4 – Limericks, Enjambment, Imperfect”

The Versatile Blogger Award

It has been a little more than about a week since I first switched sides to join the WordPress family. All week I’ve been spending my free time fiddling around with my blog’s appearance and settings to make it more reader-friendly. I hope you like the way it looks now, because it’s likely that it’ll stay that way.

Last week on, my best blogging friend ASpaceWithin nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much! I never expected to be nominated so soon :P. I never got nominated before in my old Blogger blog, so I was a little clueless at first on what to do. I had a read of ASpaceWithin’s post about her award after her nomination, but I felt like it wasn’t enough to understand what this blog really means. Continue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award”

Top 6 Favourite Filling Cheap Eats From Around the World

Having travelled to different places around the world, I was able to experience various exotic cuisines and dishes. I enjoy trying out foreign foods, and I enjoy it even more knowing that what I order would not cost me an arm and a leg. In fact, in a lot of places I visit, I would try to find the thriftiest options to satisfy my hunger. Not only you get to save money, but I also get to mingle with the locals, use some of the language I picked up and savour authentic local cuisine.
Here is a list of my top six remarkable foods that would leave a lasting memory of your travels in the country, without busting your budgets!

Creative Corner: A Day in the Life of Naim Daniels (Autobiographical Writing)

Hi guys! This is today’s post as part of my Creative Corner section to present my best pieces of writing. This is an autobiographical text about a character I have created for my English class. He is based somewhat on myself and I hope you like it! Please comment below; I’d like to know what you think of it. Thanks!
A Day in the Life of Naim Daniels
Naim Daniels, 24, is a renowned British-Malaysian television journalist working with Aljazeera English news channel. He is engaged and is living in Moscow, Russia where he works as an international correspondent for the region.