The Sweatshop Master – A Poem

The Sweatshop Master

A. A. Kamalov

“You should be grateful, leech!

My pockets are empty, because of you.”

Despicable lies, repeatedly uttered

By the millionaire himself,


For nothing could be more satisfying

Than to see his conception slave away

With delusion in mind, constantly ringing:

“Money’s motivation.” But is it?


Always inferior, deprived of

Not cash but care, reduced to abuse

By a vicious, miserly capitalist,

Imposing a convenient inferiority


Upon his accidental creation.

It costs a lot for the upkeep,

The drink and feed and shade

And air, it only makes sense to get


Something in return for it, a profit!

The dollar-sized eyes widen

In hungry expectation for

Cheap labour exploitation.


Subsequently, it was shipped to

A brain factory, to serve the

System with non-stop cycles

Of work, work and work.


Social life? Rest? Such things exist?

No, it must work, day and night

Or else, its penalty: a cut

In that costly lifeline.


It will pay off, eventually.

It’ll leave the factory to

Other factories, toiling more hours.

But as a show of gratitude, wages sent back,


Back to the bastard businessman.

Author’s Afterword:

This poem was inspired by a video about the manufacturing industry I watched during school. I don’t want to comment much because I’d love it if you can come up with your own interpretations of what The Sweatshop Master is all about. Is it literally about child labour? Is it a metaphor for something else? I’d like to know! From what is clear without revealing too much, I don’t tend to view big business very favourably.

That said, I have written this poem quite a while ago and I am having a little trouble with coming up with new ideas to write about. I tend to write out of impulse, when I feel really upset, triggered or angry, but not so much when I am just calmly sitting while sipping a hot mug of coffee. Maybe I should read more genres of poems first before I continue writing any more. If you could suggest me any hot topics you’d like to see me write, tell me in the comments below and I’ll definitely consider it. Thanks for your support!

Transient Liberté – A Poem about Graduation and Ramadan

Transient Liberté

A. A. Kamalov

Anticipated anticlimax

Arrived, an ambience

Of little malevolence.

Praise be to Allah,


Whose spring blossoms

Has fallen on tearful,

Sinful servants, prayerful

Under blessed moon phases –


Chanting sacred sutras

Of transient existence.

A pièce de résistance,

A hop, step and splash


Of personal pride’s

Unwarranted, poor thing!

You – a weeping weakling,

Succumb too easily to the succubus.


So rejoin the path, abscond the past,

An elaborate awakening of future’s been cast.

Author’s Afterword:

This poem is the first one I wrote since completing my exams,which simultaneously meant the start on the road to freedom from school and entering adult life in the real world. I wanted to write something to express this, but to remind myself of who to thank for my success. As a Muslim, I believe that Allah (God) deserves most if not all the credit for allowing me to persevere through the hard times, and my poems have reflected my belief in this regard. The reference to prayer or “sutras” in this poem is also a reference to the month of Ramadan, which is going to begin in less than 2 weeks. This month is considered to be a highly auspicious period where deeds are rewarded in multiple digits. I realised that even though leaving school signifies “freedom” from education, there are still limitations in place with Ramadan, with daytime fasting being the primary activity.

I also consider myself to be a sinful person in need of cleansing, which is what Ramadan is all about. I want to improve myself not only academically or socially, but spiritually and mentally as well, because this will reinforce a more positive outlook in life (at least, for me). I am looking forward to this blessed season, and I wish to all Muslims Ramadan Kareem!

Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 10 – Sonnet, Apostrophe, Pleasure

I could not believe it; it’s my last poetry assignment from Blogging University and I felt like I barely started. I feel slightly betrayed to be honest, because I thought that I will be getting assignments for the entire month of October! These assignments are the only things keeping me active with my blog right now, despite my busy schedule and school. I also feel that my poems do not do justice for all the support I have gained from joining this community of poets. I got lots of likes, comments and even new followers! I am so grateful for you all and thank you so much for your continuous support. I couldn’t have made it this far without all of your encouragement. Who knows, I could’ve given up on poetry pretty early on if I didn’t receive the recognition I did here. You are all wonderful, I salute you!

My last poem assignment this time is an emotional and personal response towards the style of poetry called: sonnets. I find sonnets extremely difficult. Why? Because I am a perfectionist. When writing poetry in a particular method, I must make sure I am following the actual preconditions of what that poetry-style has to be like. For sonnets, it must consist of iambic pentametres in every line and a rhyming pattern of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG (in the case of a Shakespearean sonnet). It limits me greatly, because I have to pay attention not just to the rhyming at the end of the lines, but also at the number of syllables and the stresses and it’s oh so stressful. I couldn’t even squeeze in any of my favourite poetic devices like metaphors and alliteration just because I am so piled up with the rules.

I’ve seen others works before writing my own, and some of them have broken the strict rules of sonnet composition. I don’t want to be like that, but I don’t take pleasure in writing sonnets either. Here is the end result of all of that brain-racking. I’d love to know what you think of this! Continue reading “Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 10 – Sonnet, Apostrophe, Pleasure”

Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 9 – Concrete Poetry, Anaphora/Epistrophe, Cold

A day late again. If it only were not concrete poetry, which forced me into using not just my word-processor, but Paint to put my poem into a discernable shape. I am not quite happy with this one because I forgot about anaphora/epistrophe way after I finished laying down the entire poem. As a result, the only snippet of the poem with anything resembling an epistrophe is the first two lines: I am / Who I am (which isn’t much). The poem is written in perspective of an iceberg, in first person. Continue reading “Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 9 – Concrete Poetry, Anaphora/Epistrophe, Cold”

Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 8 – Elegy, Enumeratio, Flavour

I have actually written the bulk of this poem even before the assignment came out. It was strange; I had a feeling that I will use a poem I have already written. Anyway, here is my take on an elegy, a kind of melancholic poem mourning a loss of someone or something. I can’t bring myself to write a poem lamenting a “flavour”, as I was asked, so I just incorporated that as part of the imagery. The enumeratio was also brief, found in the first stanza. Well at least I fulfilled my tasks for today. The poem pretty much sums up a break-up in a relationship, but on the side of the person who bears the most pain out of it. I’d love to know what you think of this 🙂 Continue reading “Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 8 – Elegy, Enumeratio, Flavour”