All About That Pace! – Parody of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor (Lyrics and Full Version)

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Official video description:

Two weeks ago I travelled to Cyprus for a week-long event known as Challenges Week. My friends and I went along to complete our Duke of Edinburgh International Award by going on a hiking expedition there. All in all, it was an experience I will never forget because so much drama happened and we learnt so much about each other!

During our 3 day hike, I decided to sing songs to pass time and forget about the pain and exhaustion we were going through. For some reason, the song “All About That Bass” came up in my head and stuck, so I decided to make a parody of it based on the whole camping and hiking experience. The lyrics of “All About That Pace” are truly based upon what we all had gone through in the trip. We did actually get lost on our first day and thought it was like hell on Earth, but the Gold Team had an even worse time by getting lost more often than our Silver Group!

This video was premiered on the Challenges Week Assembly at school on 17th of March 2014. It is a compilation of many of the photos taken during the course of the trip. Credits are mentioned in the video.

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The song “All About That Bass” is owned by Meghan Trainor and her team of producers. In no way am I claiming any of the music material as mine except for my parody lyrics and voice. Please do not report or make claims of copyright infringement as there are many covers and parodies of this song on YouTube.

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