The Pre-University Life in NCBIS – Part I

Sleepless nights and hot coffee – the staples of a pre-uni student

Right then, let’s get back to business!

It’s been a little more than a week since my last post, and I pledge myself to not let a week pass without having posted anything, no matter how short or long the post may be. I look at my blog with utmost self-pity seeing the gap of time between the Language and Culture Analysis and the ‘apology’ post because not having posted anything defeated the purpose of that post itself, but whatever, I’m just rambling on for no good reason now…
This one will be a short post; a little snippet of how my life is going in my new chapter in life – pre-university. Some might call it ‘college’ but technically in my case I am not studying in a college or uni yet, so I’m going to stick with ‘Pre-U’ or ‘IB’. What’s IB, you may ask? All will be explained below ~

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Muqaddimah – Introduction


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,

As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh.

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Ahmad Affendy and I am here to share all I can about my life. Insha-Allah (if Allah wills), I will be writing and posting many things that matters to me, and hopefully, to you to.

I will be posting articles, photos, videos and reviews. I will be writing about my home, my family, my country, my religion, my school, my hostel, my travels, my holidays, my past, my future, my studies, my friends, and even my food as long as it is newsworthy!

I will write mostly in English, but watch out for posts in Bahasa Melayu (my mother tounge) and other languages I am currently studying. I will add honesty, passion, love, analysis, spirit and interest in my writing so it becomes alive!

I really wished that I has stopped procrastinating and started this blog earlier. Right now, I am in Grade (or Year) 11 and its Malaysian equivalent Tingkatan 5. This will be a crucial year for me since I have IGCSEs coming up in May. I will be doing as much studies as possible but whenever I have a tidbit of free time, I will write something here.

To reach out to a global audience is not easy, and I will not be expecting many readers in my blog, but I hope this can count as a starting point for achieving my dreams to become a journalist. This blog will help me improve my journalistic and writing skills important for my future career. I am a human being and I will make mistakes from time to time, but do point it out for me because from there I will improve. I accept constructive criticism too, and this can also help me greatly to improve my skills.

I think I have written enough for my intro, because I don’t want to bore people with long lengths of anecdotes (some of my friends can’t take it!). If it is too long, I apologise as I am new to blogging. Please leave a comment below and if you are my friends from school, see you there!