The Pre-University Life in NCBIS – Part I

Sleepless nights and hot coffee – the staples of a pre-uni student

Right then, let’s get back to business!

It’s been a little more than a week since my last post, and I pledge myself to not let a week pass without having posted anything, no matter how short or long the post may be. I look at my blog with utmost self-pity seeing the gap of time between the Language and Culture Analysis and the ‘apology’ post because not having posted anything defeated the purpose of that post itself, but whatever, I’m just rambling on for no good reason now…
This one will be a short post; a little snippet of how my life is going in my new chapter in life – pre-university. Some might call it ‘college’ but technically in my case I am not studying in a college or uni yet, so I’m going to stick with ‘Pre-U’ or ‘IB’. What’s IB, you may ask? All will be explained below ~

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Creative Corner: A Day in the Life of Naim Daniels (Autobiographical Writing)

Hi guys! This is today’s post as part of my Creative Corner section to present my best pieces of writing. This is an autobiographical text about a character I have created for my English class. He is based somewhat on myself and I hope you like it! Please comment below; I’d like to know what you think of it. Thanks!
A Day in the Life of Naim Daniels
Naim Daniels, 24, is a renowned British-Malaysian television journalist working with Aljazeera English news channel. He is engaged and is living in Moscow, Russia where he works as an international correspondent for the region.

Creative Corner! – The Treasure Box (Descriptive Writing)

Salam everyone! Today’s post will be the first for the “Creative Corner” section of my blog, so I hope you like it! The style of writing for this story is descriptive.

The Treasure Box

By Ahmad Fatih Affendy

I clambered clumsily up the sturdy metal ladder adjoining the door of the lofty, unvisited attic. I came upstairs armed with my weapons: a featherduster and a broomstick in one hand, and a bottle of multipurpose cleaning fluid and a rag in the other. My mission for today: spring-cleaning the whole attic to make it as spotless as possible.