Effects of ICT on Children and Teenagers

Modern technology is a very ubiquitous part of life in the twenty-first century. Many people of all ages are using computers and other gadgets for various purposes. Children and teenagers are one of the most familiar users of computers and more importantly, the Internet. This brings about many effects to them, both positive and negative. Continue reading “Effects of ICT on Children and Teenagers”

Malay Language in Cyrillic Script (Абжад Сирил Мәлаю) – Part 3 – Computer Input

Добрый день and good day to everyone! 

In the beginning of this year I introduced the Malay Cyrillic alphabet to the world but I did not leave any indication of how to use it in everyday life. One of the most ubiquitous ways we handle our daily routine is by using modern computer devices for work, entertainment and studies. In this post I will bring to light the compatibility issues and ways to use the Malay Cyrillic alphabet seamlessly on your PC.

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