About Me


My name is Ahmad Fatih Affendy. Lots of people call me Ahmad, and lots of people call me Fatih, but it doesn’t really matter. I like to call myself by my stylised Russian name – Ahmad Afendiyevich Kamalov – but it’s up to you.

I am currently an IB Diploma student studying in Cairo, Egypt, living an expat life. I am Malaysian by birth and blood, but I feel more at home in foreign countries. I aspire to become a world famous international correspondent. I have an inherent passion for all things that can make me more internationalised like learning foreign languages and travelling to new places.

I have lived in Malaysia, Oman and Russia, and I am currently staying in Egypt. I am planning to study economics in a UK university or in the Netherlands after finishing my IB, and hopefully after that realise my dream career.

Linguistic Abilities:

I speak fluent Malay and English, on-my-way to become fluent in Arabic and Indonesian and a beginner in learning Japanese and Russian. I used to study French and Dutch as well but only on a basic level. I consider myself quadrillingual.


Travelling, blogging, learning languages, trying foreign foods, world history, current affairs, reading, architecture, anime and poetry.


Discrimination, durians and anything less than an A-.



What do you think?

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