January Poem: Contented Sigh

It’s finally 2016, and to usher in the new year and celebrate the winter season, I wrote a new poem. The poem expresses my hope for everything to become better for me in the future and for all the troubles of the past to pass by peacefully.

Contented Sigh

A. A. Kamalov

At last I came,

A well-deserved winter retreat

Shrouded in pure crystals,

Like icing on my birthday cake.


But it is strange,

Because with my two swollen feet

I’ve struggled so far now,

Yet I do smile for my own sake.


And looking back,

The demons that left me to bleed

Swallowed all happiness,

Thankfully, happiness is fake.


Broken but free,

Indifference is my new creed

No need to celebrate,

Or to mourn anything you make.


Enter the door,

Leave the bitterness of the street

Embracing liberty,

This fleeting moment I will take.