Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 9 – Concrete Poetry, Anaphora/Epistrophe, Cold

A day late again. If it only were not concrete poetry, which forced me into using not just my word-processor, but Paint to put my poem into a discernable shape. I am not quite happy with this one because I forgot about anaphora/epistrophe way after I finished laying down the entire poem. As a result, the only snippet of the poem with anything resembling an epistrophe is the first two lines: I am / Who I am (which isn’t much). The poem is written in perspective of an iceberg, in first person.

The Cold-Hearted Wanderer

The poem in text:

The Cold-Hearted Wanderer

A. A. Kamalov

I am

Who I am,

A lone piece of self

Adrift upon vast oceans

Seeking to complete a mission. A massive

Floe, an impenetrable exterior it seems

But there is far more down below; I keep

I keep most things hidden; my stories, secrets,

Whatever it may be, from onlookers on boats and

Humans on the coasts. I share them with the seals and

Whales, deserving of care, while those on land plunder and

Destroy what’s precious to them. I never wanted to let go; cleaved

From Mother with force, the invisible brutal hand. I seek out who’s to

Blame, these boiling waters, rising tides, my motherland shrinking

With each passing season. Like a kamikaze plane, I collide with a

Tanker or trawler; retribution for the merciless beings. I do

Not falter until I melt into nothingness.


What do you think?

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