Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 8 – Elegy, Enumeratio, Flavour

I have actually written the bulk of this poem even before the assignment came out. It was strange; I had a feeling that I will use a poem I have already written. Anyway, here is my take on an elegy, a kind of melancholic poem mourning a loss of someone or something. I can’t bring myself to write a poem lamenting a “flavour”, as I was asked, so I just incorporated that as part of the imagery. The enumeratio was also brief, found in the first stanza. Well at least I fulfilled my tasks for today. The poem pretty much sums up a break-up in a relationship, but on the side of the person who bears the most pain out of it. I’d love to know what you think of this 🙂

Fireworks’ Elegy

A. A. Kamalov

I could recall that night, clear as the sea,

That beckoned to us with her gentle waves.

The confession of love that cannot be,

The eyes that sparkled, the heart still craves.


A sun has set on the saccharine smile,

Since those days could not last forever.

You do not do; even once in a while,

All I can taste is acid flavour.


You’re disappearing but you’re unaware,

The pressures of the future, it’s cruel.

But don’t push me away because I care,

Your rash rejection made me the fool.


Fists clenched hard to hold back rivers of tears,

The heat of the moment was intense.

You accused me of stirring your worst fears,

Logic and reason were my defence.


Under the stars and melancholic moon,

War cannons fired and then we regret.

Under the frivolous fireworks’ boom,

The deal was done and our fate was set.


The next morning I returned to the site,

On top of the cliffs where we broke hearts.

My mind all darkness, the sun shining light,

You are free while I pick the bloody shards.



What do you think?

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