Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 5 – Ode, Metaphor, Map

I am not ashamed to admit that for this is my first time I have attempted a poem that is remotely positive. All my previous poems have a sarcastic, condescending or depressingly dark undertones; I feel that I can’t escape from that. I have become rather cynical. Maybe it’s a phase because of the amount of pressure and workload I’ve been having in school.

Anyway, here is my submission for Blogging U’s latest poetry assignment: to write an ode that includes a map and metaphor. I could have written a travel poem, since it is my favourite thing in the world, but since there are so many out there already (and so much better than what I could ever produce), I dedicated this one to my teachers instead. I actually never got to thank them enough, and I hope the message comes across positively and clearly here.

An Ode to Teachers

By A. A. Kamalov

A thousand thank-yous to teachers

For all the years you’ve enriched me

With your nurturing knowledge,

Precious life-lessons and memories.

You are like maps in an atlas –

You show me the entire world from

The limiting walls of the classroom.

Offering me the endless possibilities

Of different career-paths I could take

To continue the journey called ‘Life’.

From autobahns to little hiking-trails,

It’s up to me to choose my mode of transport,

And luggage for tomorrow’s voyage.

But beware! There are obstacles in the way.

You point out exactly what to avoid,

Like dead-end jobs, cliffs that can kill.

A map is not free from inaccuracies;

Sometimes you make mistakes and mislead,

But by nature, maps are manmade,

And to err is human, so you are forgiven.

Yet still the map is an invaluable,

Irreplaceable resource;

Without it we wander

Aimlessly forever.



  1. Wow this is really good..I love how you compared teachers to a map in atlas.
    I never thought about it this way.But now after reading your poem.I cannot think of a different way to describe them 😉


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