Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 4 – Limericks, Enjambment, Imperfect

Turn on the TV and flick to a news channel – do you see what I see?

A truly imprefect world we live in, a sea of silliness and tragedies.

I composed for thee, a selection of playful limericks;

Childish rhymes mask painful realities with joy and levity.

Enjambment employed not as generously as previously, nontheless

I welcome thee to my weird and wonderful political poetry!

In Greece


There was a young man named Alexis,

Whose Greek economy affects us,

He refused to pay debts

But gave in and accepts

Austerity, avoiding a Grexit.

In Russia

ruble fall

The Russian econ outlook is bleak,

With roubles tumbling down in a week,

Because of oil prices,

And the Ukrainian crisis,

At least it’s not as bad as the Greek’s!

The New Cold War?


US and Russia disagrees

On what to do to achieve peace.

They fight over some states,

Interfere in their fates;

Both of them want to be World Police!



Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize,

Which is actually quite a surprise!

With new countries at war,

Now, you cannot ignore

His foreign policies; quite unwise!



What do you think?

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