Daily Poetry Assignment: Day 3 – Prose Poetry, Internal Rhyme, Skin

I have to admit, this is probably not my best work. To be honest, I was kind of let down by the sudden appearance of prose in a poetry course, I mean, I didn’t sign up for this to write oodles of paragraphs! Nevertheless, I have to acknowledge that prose-poetry does exist as a hybrid between the two writing styles, something I did not actually know previously.

I think since this is a longer piece of text, the so-called poem is self-explanatory. I attempted internal rhyming, but I probably ended up sounding more pretentious than poetic. Sigh… Please let me know if this is good/okay/sucks. I appreciate all types of criticsm. I am thick-skinned, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The Skin Sin

The skin is merely a coating, encasing muscles and bones that make your entire being. It’s not special. Nothing about this soft shell, this stretchable, foldable layering, is worth arguing over. You and I, and everyone else, possess; forests of follicles, sweat glands, blood vessels and their cycles of constriction, dilation, constriction again. It’s the same.

But the reality really is preposterous! Ridiculous, how such externality is abused. Goodness and beauty, incredulously defined by something so shallow, it’s hollow. Such superficiality breeds evil in people, manifested in pride and prejudice of racial superiority. The old adage lives on today; creams and lotions create the notion that “fair is lovely”.

And what does make me? Oh, I’m sorry, that my potato-brown complexion makes you think less of me, you broken society. Confront me, brainless zombies, with your expletives and ethnic slurs! Blurred by arrogance, by ignorance, I fire them back, with kindness and intelligence.



What do you think?

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