5 Dagen in de Nederland: Land of Polders and Windmills (Part 1)

Hallo, goede dag iedereen!

About three months ago, I went for my third overseas excursion this year. It already feels like I’ve gone for a world tour for the past four months since 2015 started! This time, it was even more special, because this family vacation to the Netherlands mark my first touchdown to Western and Northern Europe. Prior to this, the only European destinations I have had the honour to visit were Istanbul and Cyprus, with the latter being an island geographically closer to the Middle East than Europe. Therefore, the Netherlands is unlike any other country I’ve been to in terms of architecture, atmosphere and natural landscape. It feels very European in character, but the society is also very multicultural and globalised, especially in Amsterdam. This made me feel more at home, plus I did not feel like I stand out as a tourist as much as other places, even though there were probably hundereds of tourists roaming around the city like I did.

This trip lasted about 5 days and stayed over there for 4 nights in Amsterdam, the “capital” of the country (The Hague is the official political capital). Originally, the plan was to visit Belgium as well, but we cancelled it because it turned out that day-tours to Brussels did not take place on Sunday, the day we planned to visit there. There was a trip to Bruges, but although it is a beautiful medieval city with gorgeous canals, we decided it was too much like Amsterdam and other Dutch cities (which also have a lot of canals).

Due to the richness and wealth of attractions seen throughout the trip, I have again divided this travel article into three parts. The first part will deal with Day 0 and Day 1, the second part with Day 2 only and the rest for part 3. The format of the post will mirror the way I presented my holiday in Antalya. Continue reading “5 Dagen in de Nederland: Land of Polders and Windmills (Part 1)”