Last School Day, Flight and Ramadan

This is a rushed blog post; I am typing this up on my way to the airport. Today can be considered a monumental day in my school career, because I survived one whole year of the IB programme and came out sane and healthy. Thank God also that I received several awards for my academic achievements but that’s a story for later.
Lately my daily life had been extremely hectic because of IB Mock exams, TOK presentations and sheer school/homework. On top of that I am trying my best to observe the holy month of Ramadan to the fullest. The annoying thing is that the school continued for more than a week after Ramadan began, which put a lot of strain on me to balance fasting with Tarawih prayers, iftar, suhoor and school work all within the short nighttime periods and long daytime periods. Hopefully I’ll be able to rest once I return, but I still have a lot of summer school work to do . IB is really not a joke.
In Sha Allah I’ll be able to update my blog much more often than the past couple of months because I have the luxury of time. I really would like to put the Amsterdam posts on by this week at least because I know I have been procrastinating with it since I returned from the Netherlands. Until then, right now, I am almost reaching Cairo Airport for my flight. See you later, beautiful people!