It’s Time to Play Catch-Up Once More

A green field in the Cypriot countryside

Good day and welcome back to my humble blog.

Yes, I have realised that today is the 31st of March. This is the first and last post for this month. For the sake of not letting one whole month fly by without a post, I decided to make sure to have something typed up and served for this month and to explain a little about my disappearance.

As I have mentioned in my previous post in February, I am a busy man. I have many commitments in school and life here and I can’t afford to forgo these commitments for the sake of this blog. I have set my priorities, and my blog isn’t something that will directly determine my future, such as whether I will be entering the university of my choice, or whether I’ll be getting better grades. From now on, if my life here has become just too busy, you will have to look forward to at least one post for that month. Any less than that would mean something very unusual has happened to me, such as a serious illness, a prolonged breakdown of all internet services in Egypt, etc.

I am pleased to announce that I could now add a new country to the list of countries I have visited over in my lifetime: CYPRUS! Yes, I have mentioned this in my previous post, and I have so much to tell you all about how this trip went. It was a significant achievement in my life, because it was also the first time I have ever undertaken a school trip which involved travelling abroad. I have photos, a video and even made a special song to memorialise the whole experience for the trip, which hopefully, In-Sha-Allah, will be shown in a special post in the coming days.

In addition to that, before the week of the Cyprus trip, my whole family went to Antalya, Turkey for a short but amazing holiday. There I took far more photos than in Cyprus (I wasn’t able to use my phone in Cyprus to take photos as much). I will also explain the whole trip in another upcoming post which I will post in a few days.

I have to work much harder to catch up with all the time I had been away. Yes, the two travel events made it tough to update anything but the school that came after the holiday and trips is worse. Here is a list of all the things I must complete by the end of April which should be in my blog:

Please, please, please, I really need encouragement from you all as readers because, frankly speaking, you’re the fuel for my motivation. I want to continue writing but I need reminders and pestering from you guys so that I could meet my goals in blogging. If you notice that I am not keeping up to my promises and plans, please comment, personal message, give a shoutout through social media, whatever, I don’t mind. I will be fully appreactive of any response I get from those who come by here.

Starting the end of this week spring break will start at my school, so I will of course devote as much free time as possible with making updates on my blog and to the other blog in Blogger, which I have not given enough attention to. In addition, I will try to be more active among the WordPress community by reading more other people’s blogs, blogs of people I subscribe to, liking blogs, reblogging, updating any outdated info and other sort of things bloggers are supposed to do. Until then, I have to focus on the last few days of Arbeit which I can’t avoid. Thank you for reading!



    1. Thank you for the compliment! Actually I am just an amateur at taking photos, I guess the places I go to just have really picturesque views! 🙂 Thank you also for the link, I’ll be sure to check it out!


  1. Wow, Fatih. I admire your determination to keep your blog running! I’ve burned out already lol, haven’t posted in months 😦
    Sorry I haven’t gotten around to reading your longer posts yet; exams start Tuesday, so I’ll get around to reading them sometime soon 🙂
    But hey, where’s your future study plans post? I’m actually pretty curious since I’m heading off to uni myself this September, Insha’allah. (pray I can score propperly to keep the offer!) Where do you plan on going?

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    1. Salaam Hafsa! Yes, I do try to keep going despite this month being my exam month. IB is no joke, and my university applications depend on predicted grades from this month’s mock exams!
      I’m afraid that the future study plans post will have to wait until next month or something. It’s because I still have to work on my Amsterdam holiday post which is still pending since last month. I try to keep posting by posting stuff I’ve already written at school which I think is blog-worthy. Nonetheless, I can tell you some things about my uni plans right now: I won’t be finishing IB until mid-2016, so you’ll be off earlier than me. Also it’s likely that I’ll end up going to a private uni in Malaysia – definitely not ideal, but being a Malaysian citizen isn’t really helpful in getting discounted tuition fees in other countries other than my own. I know there are scholarships out there, but my chances are ever so slim. I could try to apply to places like the Netherlands, but I probably wouldn’t go there anyway due to my family’s financial situation.
      Anyway I wish you the best for your exams! You’re a very clever and talented person and I am sure the university you applied for will welcome you with open arms. You’ll be off to Canada right? Well I hope wherever you go, you will find happiness. After all, isn’t that what we all deserve?

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      1. Ah, take it at your own pace – I’m in no position to point out missing posts when my own blog is growing stale and mouldy 😛
        I was supposed to finish mid-2016 too, but I’m playing it risky lol. Any slip up in my grades could mean a canceled offer, and that’s not really helping the chocolate binges, ahaha. I heard IB is terribly difficult, and it’s hard trying to convince my younger sister that she’ll do okay when I know nothing about it myself :/
        About studying in Malaysia, it’s definitely a fair choice. Tuition fees elsewhere for international students are like 4x the local price, and it’s just craaazy :O probably worth a masters or beyond, but not really an undergrad..
        Truth is, it doesn’t really matter where we all go to study – aslong as it’s getting us where we want to go 🙂 which is rather funny because I’d applied to both science and arts at UBC, got accepted to arts and waitlisted for science, and I clearly remember telling you once that I wanted to go check out the arts lol. Fate, huh?
        What sucks though is that I have noo idea what major to focus on, so I’m basically aimless 😦
        You’re targeting what field? Journalism?

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      2. I have made up my mind that I want to do Economics in university. I decided not to go into Journalism anymore – job prospects aren’t so good now, with many media platforms losing money, and it’s not a career where I can live in one place and raise a family you know? I have to go all over the place and never get to settle somewhere for long. I do love travel and living overseas, but I prefer living overseas for longer periods, you get what I mean?
        I also feel like I want to actually live in another country after finishing my studies. Although pretty much all of my friends are in Malaysia, I get bored living in my country for too long. Also it would worsen my English language skills – I want to keep my RP English accent! I might try to get a job somewhere in Europe after my Masters/PhD there (In-Sha-Allah).

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      3. Well you sure think things through! Econ’s a good choice, as long as the decision was yours. I heard prospects are great in the field 🙂 Don’t worry too much about friends- they come and go and distance doesn’t get in the way of real ones 😛 I’m sure you’ll do great, Insha’allah. Good luck!

        Exams are finally over, and I’m wondering how to revive my dead blog 😛 or if I should even bother to, ahaha.

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      4. Thank you 🙂 About reviving your blog, I really hope that you will be active again, because you were able to gain a lot more regular readers in a shorter amount of time than I’ve had. Your writing is very inspiring and original to people who read it and it’d be a shame if it stops so suddenly. Blog writing also looks really when writing your CV, which is always a plus for getting a job! Anyways, I’m always here if you need any help in restarting because I know it’s tough to get back into a regular routine.

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