Absent Due to Sickness

Hi people.

I have noticed that many days have passed without me posting anything new. The simple answer for that is that I am not feeling so well this week or last week. I think I’m having the flu, with a touch of fever as well. I’m not really sure actually.

It started one day with a runny nose, it later progressed to become a throat infection caused by overproduction of phlegm. I don’t want to go through the details so much just because it’s a really yucky subject. The sore throat makes it difficult for me to swallow anything. It’s very irritating when I feel pain when swallowing food. Last night, the sore throat became worse. The sickness started spreading and now I have a headache and stomachache. I woke up writhing in bed, clutching my stomach and resting my head on the pillow for as long as possible. Breakfast this morning was tasty, but my stomach somehow made it torturous to eat anything. I forced myself to swallow while holding my stomach. I had to go to school all day this week regardless of my condition – I did not want to trouble anybody with my condition.

The sickness has yet to affect my studies in school so much, although I was almost unable to do my last night’s homework.

I have not yet visited a doctor or a clinic despite being sick. I do my best to self-medicate using what I have at home. I tried a number of traditional remedies that helped to relieve the symptoms a little.

In an attempt to clear my ailing throat, I gave aromatherapy a chance. Back when my family went to Aswan, we bought several bottles of natural oils which could be used as natural cures for illnesses. I put a few drops of mint oil into a cup of boiling water. The mint oil releases a strong, refreshing steam which I then inhaled through my mouth and nose. When doing so, I could feel the minty steam soothe my infected throat. While it temporarily relieved my throat, it did not totally remove my infection. The most it had done was reduce the pain from the infection.

I also took ‘black seed pills’ meant to ‘improve the health of the body’, but it didn’t seem to be very effective. I also ate honey and drank hot water after that. Despite all what I’ve done, the pain stuck around until today. Actually, I took a Panadol this morning after breakfast and the effects just started to kick in. At the time of writing this, I am regaining my strength as the headache clears up. I suppose modern pharmaceuticals are more effective than traditional or herbal remedies.

What do you think? Do you prefer quick cures from factory-made wonder pills or more natural but slower home remedies? Let me know in the comments below. Bye for now!



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