“Perhaps weekly posts aren’t enough… Hmm…”

I promised myself before to publish a new post each weekend so that I could be a consistent blogger worthy of global attention. For most part I kept to this promise and posted something on Friday or Saturday, the weekend days here in Egypt. However today, I realised that many successful bloggers here publish on an almost daily basis – ranging from a post a day to even a post every several hours.

I follow quite a few blogs here but each time I look into my news feed, I’d have 6 to 14 new posts each day calling out to me. I make the effort to look into what new stuff are in store – maybe an uplifting inspirational story or a travel journal to a far-away land. The thing is though, I often see the same names popping up in my reader feed and they are the most prolific – posting about 2 to 7 posts a day. With the amount they post each day, it would be impossible for me to catch up with every single post.

As a loyal follower, I hope I am not expected to read everything. But what if I am in the place of that blogger – the one who has around hundreds of followers on WordPress and beyond, whose readers expect a regular serving of fresh written entertainment? What if I had that pressure on me to keep going and to produce quality pieces all the time?

When I gave this some thought, I think this first perception is flawed. When I read my favourite bloggers, their posts are not perfect. Sure, they are fun and refreshing to read, but blogs are meant to be seven-thousand-words-long essays that will get you A+ in a university. They’re meant to serve something like an outlet for people to express themselves the way they feel is natural to them. They write about themselves, without having to force themselves into orders of other people around them. They write about their interests, positives and negatives which they feel that everyone should know about.

Now let’s put this back to the context of this blog’s title. It’s a hint to the question of quality vs. quantity. When I write, I try to put a lot of effort into it by thinking it through very deeply, then outlining all my ideas in points before writing them in great detail. This is my style. It takes a lot of time to do this, and with the schedule I have, it would take a few to several days to complete. Take my “Top Six Fav Cheap Eats” post for example. That post was not done in a day. I was being very meticulous about the style of writing, the amount of detail, the choice of images, the accuracy of info, etcetera. The end result was an extremely long post by any blog standards, and I bet that any of you reading this right now would say “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!” when scrolling down.

I know I have a chronic problem with regards to perfectionism and verbosity. In my writing, these two things go hand in hand. My usual perception is that the longer the piece I am writing, the better I am expressing myself and the end result is a better quality product. However now that I am blogging not to just please my usual habits, I know I have to change.

I have to stop being so nitpicky about the details and just write without any fear of criticism or inaccuracy. I must reduce the amount I write so that it would be more digestable for the sake of all my visitors. I have to learn to post more often – but not with extremely lengthy posts, but with shorter, more personalised ones like this one, at least 3 times a week or so. I hope this new strategy would help me to become a better writer in general, as I learn to express myself more concisely, while still getting to my point.

All of this was written in under 700 words in less than twenty minutes.



  1. [ Smiles ] It is nice to have a predictable posting schedule; that way, your readers would know exactly on which days that you post and at what time too.

    For the record, it is your blog; therefore, you have the power to post as often as you like.

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    1. That’s right, Renard 🙂 Having a set schedule is very useful. However, I think that posting whenever I have something newsworthy in mind is better, because at that exact moment you are motivated to write. Sometimes I feel like writing a post is like an annoying household chore, because I would want to make sure I get the HTML correct and stuff like that. I’m going move away from that mentality now and embrace blogger-freedom 😀


  2. I totally understand how you feel. You’ll notice that my first few posts were around a thousand words or so, but the word count shrunk as I went on. For me though, it was because forcing myself to keep writing to reach a certain word count drained the fun out of it, making it more of a chore than a hobby. I then tried a daily short quote-like post, but that burned me out quickly too though. I guess all I can say is do it the way it suits you~ unless you’re writing to live, do it at your own pace 😛 how long you last in the blogosphere matters most I suppose. 🙂

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