Жом Бача Бәрита! Let’s Read the News – In the Malay Cyrillic Alphabet!

Last year, I went around the Internet looking for any suitable reading materials for me to help people learn the Malay Cyrillic alphabet.

Since I was the first person ever on the face of the earth to create such an alphabet (a daring claim, I know, but I’m convinced), currently there are zero Malay reading material and literature written in Cyrillic. Nobody could find anything written in Malay that is written in this Cyrillic alphabet other than that found in this website.

I want to change this. I want to make it more accessible for people to learn and practice Cyrillic for Malay and my long-term goal is to have a growing number of people committed in using the script for everyday use alongside Latin (the official script) and Jawi Arabic (the liturgical/religious script).

I translated whole news articles from Rumi Latin to Cyrillic. I did the whole process manually without any automatic softwares to change the letters. Obviously it took quite some time to publish and prepare, but the end result is satisfying to say the least.

Below are two different articles sourced from the online website of Sinar Harian, a popular Malay-language newspaper in Malaysia. Sinar Harian is known for its balanced reporting on news events in the country as well as having state-specific local news stories in different regional editions.

Please click each individual image to read the text.



(Restaurant review)




(Opinion piece)


No copyright infringement was intended in the production of these articles. They are merely translations into the Cyrillic alphabet modified for the Malay language. The translator (yours truly) has taken great care in maintaining the integrity of the news and has assumed good faith. Although none of its meanings are changed from the Latin-alphabet original, there may exist some unintentional spelling mistakes overlooked by the translator. The translator is not liable or responsible for any damage or offence caused by reading the articles in any way. 


What do you think?

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