Malay Language in Cyrillic Script (Абжад Сирил Мәлаю) – Part 4 – Official Names of the Letters

All letters must have their own names

At least, that’s what all letters need in any alphabet, and the Malay Cyrillic alphabet is no exception.
The names of the letters of the alphabet are generally the same as Russian, with a few differences. Below is a table of all the names of each letter in Malay (Cyrillic and Latin), Russian and its IPA pronunciation guide for the Malay names.
I included the hard and soft sign at the end of the table despite it not being a part of the official Malay Cyrillic alphabet. This is just so that they could be referred to when used in the Alternative Orthography.

It’s really simple to remember the letters because they can easily be sung!
You can sing the whole alphabet with the tune of “Twinkle, twinkle little star” the same way you would for the English alphabet (“A, B C, D, E F G..”). How cool is that?!
The song is called “The Cyrillic Letter Song” or “Lagu Huruf Siril”, the Cyrillic version first, then the Latin below it.
Лагу Ҳуруф Сирил
А, ә, бе, ве, ге, де, е,
Ё, же, зе, и, и пендек,
Ка, қа, эл, эм, эн, эҥ, ңа,
О, пе, эр, эс, те дан у,
У пендек, эф, ха дан ҳа,
Че дан ша, э, я дан ю.
A, e, be, ve, ge, de, ye,
Yo, je, ze, i, i pendek,
Ka, qa, el, em, en, eng, nya,
O, pe, er, es, te dan u,
U pendek, ef, kha dan ha,
Ce dan sya, e, ya dan yu.
Now that you what the letters are called, learning them will be so much easier and fun! That’s all folks for this week! Just to let you know, this is probably the last in the series for the Malay Cyrillic Alphabet before I translate all of the posts in Malay itself. Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to continue with a fifth part. Thank you for all you support!

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