Top 6 Favourite Filling Cheap Eats From Around the World

Having travelled to different places around the world, I was able to experience various exotic cuisines and dishes. I enjoy trying out foreign foods, and I enjoy it even more knowing that what I order would not cost me an arm and a leg. In fact, in a lot of places I visit, I would try to find the thriftiest options to satisfy my hunger. Not only you get to save money, but I also get to mingle with the locals, use some of the language I picked up and savour authentic local cuisine.
Here is a list of my top six remarkable foods that would leave a lasting memory of your travels in the country, without busting your budgets!

Birthdays, School and Vacation

I’m going to keep this one short and simple

Picture source: and edited by me.

First of all, today is my birthday (yay?) and despite it being so, it was rather uneventful. Nothing amazing or terrible happened and I suppose I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful that I am still alive for another year, to enjoy this short life we are all living in. I don’t really celebrate birthdays anymore but to all those who wished me in social media, thank you so much for your kind messages. (^_^)

Secondly, I finished my first term of my IB course in New Cairo British International School just yesterday.

It’s been one heck of a roller coaster ride, even more so than my two years combined for my IGCSEs in IISM. So many things happened in the past 4 months. There were lots of exciting events and fun days, but there was also a lot of monotonous school-work and homework to get through. The studying was much more intensive than in IGCSEs. There were very few days when I have zero homework or any school-related things to do at home. There were research, projects, essays, note-writing, test revisions and planning for all of the 7 different subjects that I study for and it takes a lot of commitment and determination to keep going with such a workload. I’m not struggling just yet, but unfortunately it could get rather stressful, especially when I end up getting work from 6/7 different subjects at once. Hopefully, God-willing, this vacation will help me rest from all this chaos and prepare myself for the school again.

Thirdly, as I said already, I’m on vacation!!!
Because of this, I am flying off to Luxor with the rest of my family members here for a Nile cruise for 5 days. It will last from 20th of December (Saturday) until 25th (Thursday). The trip will include lots of visits to Ancient Egyptian temples and relaxing river-bank watching along the way, so wish me luck! I will try to write about this here on my blog and post lots of photos about it. Until then, see ya!

Yes? Да? Так? Make up your mind! (UPDATED)

Learning languages can be a wonderful experience, especially when you realise how similar some words are with regards to their sounds. These words are often called ‘false friends‘, and using them out of the context of the language could land you in a mind-numbing situation.

Malay is my native language, but I realised there are a few simple words in Malay that are very similar to Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian words. I imagined that maybe if a Malay-speaker speaking an East Slavic language for the first time, he or she might get these mixed up with these words.

Here I use primarily the Malay Cyrillic alphabet to transcribe the Malay language examples instead of the regular conventional Latin alphabet official in Malaysia. To find out how to read it and revert it back to Latin I suggest reading the whole series about the Malay Cyrillic alphabet.

Addendum: Due to hindsight, I decided to add one more word here, but be warned that in Russian, it is a swear word. If you will be offended by this, please skip reading the last subsection of the post for the last word. The word in English is censored, but the word in Russian isn’t.
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Malay Language in Cyrillic Script (Абжад Сирил Мәлаю) – Part 4 – Official Names of the Letters

All letters must have their own names

At least, that’s what all letters need in any alphabet, and the Malay Cyrillic alphabet is no exception.
The names of the letters of the alphabet are generally the same as Russian, with a few differences. Below is a table of all the names of each letter in Malay (Cyrillic and Latin), Russian and its IPA pronunciation guide for the Malay names.
I included the hard and soft sign at the end of the table despite it not being a part of the official Malay Cyrillic alphabet. This is just so that they could be referred to when used in the Alternative Orthography.

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