Malay Language in Cyrillic Script (Абжад Сирил Мәлаю) – Part 3 – Computer Input

Добрый день and good day to everyone! 

In the beginning of this year I introduced the Malay Cyrillic alphabet to the world but I did not leave any indication of how to use it in everyday life. One of the most ubiquitous ways we handle our daily routine is by using modern computer devices for work, entertainment and studies. In this post I will bring to light the compatibility issues and ways to use the Malay Cyrillic alphabet seamlessly on your PC.

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Guide to Eating Halal While Travelling (Even When You Can’t Find It!)

I did this a while back to help myself in case I need to travel to places where Halal food is not commonly found. These are just some useful tips for Muslims abroad to find halal food in the countries they are visiting. Remember, just because you are Muslim, does not mean you have to starve while visiting exciting new places!
Screenshot of

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The Pre-University Life in NCBIS – Part I

Sleepless nights and hot coffee – the staples of a pre-uni student

Right then, let’s get back to business!

It’s been a little more than a week since my last post, and I pledge myself to not let a week pass without having posted anything, no matter how short or long the post may be. I look at my blog with utmost self-pity seeing the gap of time between the Language and Culture Analysis and the ‘apology’ post because not having posted anything defeated the purpose of that post itself, but whatever, I’m just rambling on for no good reason now…
This one will be a short post; a little snippet of how my life is going in my new chapter in life – pre-university. Some might call it ‘college’ but technically in my case I am not studying in a college or uni yet, so I’m going to stick with ‘Pre-U’ or ‘IB’. What’s IB, you may ask? All will be explained below ~

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Malay Language in Cyrillic Script (Абжад Сирил Мәлаю) – Part 2 – Further Explanation

Ассаламу’алаикум дан салам сәжахтәра!

It’s been a while since I posted my guide to the Malay Cyrillic alphabet, but I realised that I missed out on some very important points which I will clarify in this second section.

The Glottal Stop and the Apostrophe

In the Malay language, the glottal stop is a frequently occurring sound, especially in the middle of words such as ‘maaf’ and also at the end of words ending with ‘k’, like ‘banyak’.

Normally in the middle of the word glottal stops are not represented by any letter in the Latin Rumi alphabet. This often happens when it happens in between the vowel letters a, i, u, e and o, especially when prefixes and suffixes are added to a verb or adjective to change the nature to a noun or another form of verb.
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My Language and Culture – An Analysis

Hello Internet. I know I have been absent for quite a while, so I want to make it up by posting this really in-depth piece of writing about – you guessed it – languages. I know I seem overly obsessed with this, but I suppose it’s part of who I am. 😛 Anyway I wrote this as part of an IB English assignment so I try to explain as much as I could to answer the given question. Without further ado, here we go:

Question: How does your language reflect your culture?

“Referring to your language bank, interviews, notes and knowledge gained thus far through studying language in a cultural context, write a 500+ essay explaining how your language (in all its forms) reflects your own personal culture (which may be a mixture of many different cultures).”

My language is an inseparable part of who I am. It is a complex reflection of all the different cultures and experiences I went through for the past sixteen years.” (Courtesy of

My language is an inseparable part of who I am. It is a complex reflection of all the different cultures and experiences I went through for the past sixteen years.. To better understand how my language works, I need to first give a brief description of which cultures I identify with and where I have been. I usually identify myself as a Muslim, Malay and Malaysian teenage expatriate living in Egypt but I feel like I can identify with so many more cultures. I have lived in Malaysia for the first eight years of my life (in different regions), moved to Oman and resided there for six years, returned to Malaysia to live near the capital city in an international boarding school for almost three years. I believe with so much interaction between people from different countries, backgrounds and communities, that listing all the cultures I associate with is near-impossible.
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