Sorry for my absence!!! \(ToT)/

Peace be upon y’all!

I bet people were already thinking that my blog is dead and that I lost interest in blogging, but HEY I AM BACK!

Firstly I send my deepest apologies to my readers (whether they exist or not, that’s another matter entirely) for my lengthy unexplained disappearance from the world of blogging. I have been busy and lazy for many months but mostly busy than lazy. My last edit was in February, I believe, but after that I had to catch up with many things in real-life. Mainly it has to do with studying for the exams I take in my last year of high school: the IGCSEs. Studying for 9 subjects really kept me occupied in addition to daily hostel routines because I had to do piles of practice past papers to familiarise myself with how to answer effectively to score high grades. The exams ranged from gloriously easy-to-answer to challengingly difficult. The subsequent medical side-effects of the constant studying was quick (but healthy) weight loss and wrist-and-finger ache from continuous writing on practice and exam papers.

After finishing my exams in early June, I set off for holiday in Egypt, where my family is currently residing. Long story short, I was too pre-occupied with other things at home after my exam ordeal that I wanted to relax from any heavy responsibilities. Soon enough the holy month of Ramadhan started near the end of June and as a Muslim I had to divert most of my focus on worship and self-reflection. A month later I returned to Malaysia to celebrate Ramadhan’s end, Eid al-Fitr and here I am now! I have nothing else to do but so many things have been happening around me and I haven’t written a single thing about it, so yeah I will definitely start writing more often now. I’m aiming for a minimum of once every 2 weeks so that I can get into the habit of posting more regularly without disturbing my already-erratic schedule (credits to my siblings) and my lack of personal laptop while I am in Malaysia right now (my laptop which I use is in my house in Egypt).

Secondly I would like to announce to everyone that I will be far more regular in using social networking sites and applications than blogging for the obvious reason that I don’t have to write long pieces of writing at once. Another reason for this is that I have a new phone (yay!), a Samsung Galaxy S3 that makes it convenient for me to check up daily on what’s happening. I am an active user of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Viber but a less regular user of Twitter. My Facebook is closed off to everyone but my friends though, so if you read my blog often and know me personally, friend me on Facebook if you already haven’t. Here is the link to my Facebook page. Unfortunately for security reasons I will not accept any friend requests from people I have not met in real-life on Facebook so I apologise in advance. On Facebook, usually I post snippets of my thoughts and opinions as well as questions to my friends revolving current affairs, news and my personal and social life.

On the other hand, I am far more lax with my Instagram; I will usually follow you back if you follow me first (it depends on your Instagram content). I post photos and images on Instagram quite often, with a variety of different ‘genres’, so to speak, like ‘selfies’, instafood photos and landscape photos. I like to diversify my content so that it won’t be too boring or anything. My username in Instagram is: awesomecarrotmilk and my name under it (as of now) is Ahmad Afendiyevich Kamalov. See below for a screenshot. My account on Instagram is private but as I said before if you ask to follow me, I would gladly accept, but do keep in mind I may reject due to certain reasons I may not be able to explain on the spot, so yeah.
Since Whatsapp and Viber are tied to my phone number and I don’t want no strangers getting hold of it, I’m keeping that to myself if you don’t mind.
Last but not least, I do have a Twitter account but I hardly tweet anything useful or interersting because 1) I always exceed the 140-character limit, 2) Even if I tweet anything, hardly anyone notices it and 3) I don’t find it as useful to keep up with anything (news, sports, anime, etc) because the features are far less universal than Facebook. That said, I do tweet when I feel like it and I share my Instagram photos through Twitter all the time, so if you’d like to follow me anyway my username is @AhmadAffendy1.

Finally, here is a proposal or plan of what I will post in the coming weeks. I will try as much as possible to commit to the ‘Languages I Love and Admire’ series where I only got started with the first part of Malay. Upcoming languages, God-willing, will be Malay, Arabic, French, Japanese and Russian, in that order. It may take months to finish it but at least I can be clear on what to post. In addition to that, I will work as much as possible towards my pet project, the Malay Cyrillic alphabet in adding more content to its guide to use, its fonts, its handwritten form and computer input. In fact, I think that could be the first thing I post after this one, so look out! Speaking of which, I attempted to translate “Introducing Malay in Cyrillic Script!” into Malay itself, but soon after a major portion of it got deleted by Blogger’s pathetic Android app I was editing in. I suspended my efforts in translation soon after but I will try to restart it if I have time. Other than languages, I am rather interested in adding more creative and opinion-based content, especially related to history and world news, but that probably will have to wait until I return to Egypt where I can use my own laptop.

The biggest problem I have with keeping this blog running is that I don’t have as much motivation for it compared to other things I do, although I love blogging and writing stuff down. I need your help. If you like reading my blog, or if you just happen to come across it, please take some time to comment on my articles so that I know someone’s actually reading the things I post online. If you don’t like something or find a mistake, please comment so that I may improve and fix my mistakes. My audience is my strength and if there seems to be none of it… well you know the rest. I believe that I can get closer to my dream as a journalist with this blog and I hope that you guys will be there to help make it come true.

Thank you everyone! Ciao and see you soon!